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Testimonials : 21-day workshops

"I sincerely appreciate your way of teaching yoga particularly for corporate employees. Astute explanation on the benefits of each yoga before performing the same.

After yoga session, I feel very light and to my surprise, I have gone down by 2 Kgs and very good relief for my knee pain.

Precisely, those who learn yoga from you are blessed in life! " –Rajagopal K

"This 21 day Yoga session was really very helpful for me. This brings peace of mind whenever i do it.

The way the sessions were taken is really awesome.Observation was done individually for each and every pose and the suggestions were really helpful. Also the spiritual discussions were good.

I have also benefited from this 21 Day Yoga sessions. I have lost around 1.5 Kilos of weight during these days. Also the videos on your website are really helpful.Thanks for the wonderful yoga sessions. " –Bharadwaj AP

"I have been attending your yoga sessions since last three weeks and practicing the same at home too. I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient since two years. I was keen in learning yoga to improve my health. It is really a miracle that the joint pains in fingers and legs have decreased to a major extent in just 3 weeks.

The way you take along us for 1 hr is really interesting that I tend to learn yoga asanas easily. The spiritual discussion that happened during the first week was really interesting and helpful in daily life at office, home and elsewhere.

I would be much more happy if you to take yoga classes again and again in TCS premises. I thank you lot for taking such a interactive and interesting yoga classes. " –Uday Kumar

"I would like to thank you for helping me learn & practice some yoga asanas that gave me relief from the Sciatica nerve pain that I developed more than a year ago during pregnancy. It is not just about finding considerable relief from the sciatica nerve pain, I feel that my overall health is improving.

I always had faith in Yoga and your way of teaching and the immediate results ( within 15 days) I found strengthened my faith further." –Srilakshmibala Prakhya

" I have been attending your 21-day Yoga program starting from Aug 19, 2011.It has been a very helpful and enlightening session.A combination of 'aasans' & 'spiritual discussions' were of great help in guiding for a 'healthy body' and more importantly a 'healthy mind'.

Your enthusiasm and individual focus were inspirational for taking the path of yoga for becoming a better human being.Decision to join this program has been one of my best decisions as it has put me on course for embarking on a healthy life not just during the course but for the rest of my life.

A BIG THANK YOU for all you have taught during this program. " –Rama Reddy Baddam

"After the 4 weeks of the training period, I've lost 4 KGs of my excessive weight and added to this, I got rid of being lazy (some times)...

Added to the above, there is no trace of the unbearable Knee pain that I have developed over months.

Vimal Vyas believed and made us believe the Art of Tradidional Yoga.I'm sure that one can hardly find Traditional (ancient) Yoga guru/techniques.

It will be a huge list if I keep on mentioning...rather, one should experience himself/herself the secret of Traditional Yoga by the Guru - Vimal Vyas." –Venkatasaikrishna Pasumarthi

"This 21 day yoga session has really benefitted me.The method of teaching is commendable.The asanas were introduced few at a time which encouraged me to do them perfectly.Also the spiritual discussion helped me organize my thoughts and start using the right attitude to life. The atmosphere at the yoga session was also very warm and encouraging, so as a beginner I felt very comfortable during the sessions.Being a working mother, I am subjected to a lot of stress and tight schedules both at home & office.Practicing yoga has helped me relax and increased my tolerance levels, enabling me to bear more stress than before and still remain calm.Within these 4 weeks itself I could feel becoming more flexible and energetic physically and it has also improved my mood.I find myself remaining more happy and calm nowadays.I definitely intend to continue practicing yoga daily." –Aditi Gopal

"First of all thank you very much for conducting the yoga classes. This 21 day yoga session has really benefitted me. The asanas and spiritual discussions really helped me to get control on my thoughts. My positive thinking is also improved with your methods. The way you are teaching is really excellent. Even i am doing gym regularly i didn't get this much results. I will try my best to come for next batches also.

Thank you very much for every thing. " –Govardhan Reddy Peddireddy

"The 21 day yoga program has been a very good stress buster and I can realize that difference in a neat manner. The way I handled things at office and the way I was able to control emotions.Some key benefits I experienced:
-Provides great amount of relaxation to my body through the day
-Helps me eat well with proper digestion
-Helps in getting proper sleep and waking up early

I feel that yoga should be made part of life by oneself and I appreciate the 'DO it Mechanically' advice just like how you take a bath or eat breakfast without fail on a normal day.

Overall yoga made me more punctual at many things apart from work " –Kiran Palukuri

"It was very informative and healthy sessions that we got to attend the past 21 days.

I can personally feel the difference in my body energy levels when I perform yoga.I can also feel how my body flexibility has improved in the past few days.

Thanks for organizing such program, I Sincerely hope more and more people can take advantage of the great work you are doing. Kudos to you Sir!!

I will definitely strive to continue practicing yoga in future as well.

Your website is also very informative, thanks!! " –Haritha Bolasani

"In these 21 days, I have learned pranayam, mediations and asanas and it helped me a lot in removing stress and tiredness.

I am getting full energy in the morning by doing asanas and I feel that I am very active throughout the day in work place. Few asanas helped me a lot in reducing my leg pain & body pain.

Every day you came up with new thoughts, we will be eagerly waiting for the thought of that day.All the thoughts and points given by you were very valuable and it needs to be followed to lead a peaceful life.

Thanks a lot Guruji " –Durgha Kathyayani

"Learning Yoga has really fine tuned my mind and I am glad I could also tone my body appreciably.

A healthy mind in a Healthy body the maxim comes true with Yoga. This we are able to achieve because of your dedicated efforts and impeccable practice of this ancient form of exercise " –Srikanth Saradhi

"It has been a pleasure and enlightenment to attend the Yoga sessions for the past one month.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the spiritual sessions as well as the Asanas.Having had the theoretical knowledge since long, this is the first time I have tried it and felt exhilarated.

Thank you.

You have made a difference to my fitness/health and my perspective towards life.I wish these sessions will benefit many more in the coming days." –Chenna Reddy

" Thanks for the wonderful session on Yoga - a course of 21 days that you have conducted at TCS office, covering Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Spiritual talk. All of them helped me a lot.

The Asanas you have taught is making me not only in negating the problems that I may face with incorrect sitting positions in office, but also helping in ensuring that I give proper exercise to all parts of my body.The Pranayama is helping me in having a better breath and reduced by cold problems. It is also helping me in controlling my emotions better.

The spiritual talk that we have is very useful at the work as it helps to see the things in a totally different direction and teaches in seeing from other's eyes." –Chandrasekhar Jonnalagadda (JC)

"Thank you very much for teaching Yoga and for inspiring spiritual discussions.

After i started doing yoga and pranayam, i felt my body relaxed and calm. I could immediately see the benefits of yoga to my physical,mental and spiritual well being. My flexibility has improved. I am really pleased to have finally started doing yoga having though about it for a long time.

Once again thank you for answering all our queries and correcting us whenever we do wrong." –Anusha Annapareddy

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